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San Siro Stadium

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If u wana know somethink about Milan stadium "San siro"

Offical Name: Stadio Giuzeppe Meazza
Address:        Via piccolomini 5,20151 Milan
Telephone:     +39.0240092175
Inauguration   19 september 1926
First match    AC Milan v Inter 3-6
Renocations  1939, 1955,1957, 1969, 1990
Stadium dimensions  275 x 90 m
Grassed surface area 124 x 80m
Playing field area        105 x 68 m
Convered Surface area 40.000 sq.m
Stadium turnstiles        51
Team dressing rooms  4
Refree dressing rooms 3
Bars                           4
Underground car park   77 cars space,3 bus spaces
Disabled car parks       172 cars spaces
                                      STADIUM LIGHTING
The San Siro`s roof features 256 floodlights powered by 3.500 watt halogen lamps. The lights are accessible through walkways situated on the roofs frame
                                     VIDEO DISPLAYS
The San Siro features two Video Displays. One has a viewing size of 102 sq.m while the other 80 sq.m. There is also a series of closed circuit monitors throught the stadium used by security

Total Capacity      85,766
Disabled Seating  428 & compainions
VIP Seating          5,200
Press Seating 207
Second ring/level        34,137
Sector A (red/green)   16,316
Sector B (orane/blue)  17,821
First ring/level              32,024
Sector A (blue/orange)  17,266
Sector B (green)           9,162
Sector     (red)              5,596
Third ring/level              19,605
Sector A (vistors)          1,582
Sector B (visitors)         1,582
Sector C (visitors)         16,144
Tickets Prices in Euro
VIP Area East - Grey Area  82
First Ring- Orange Area      66
First Ring- Green/Blue Areas 31
Secong Ring- Red/Orange Areas 31
Third Ring- Red/Blues Areas    11